Networked Visualization Fundamentals

This training course introduces attendees to Networked Visualization. Topics specifically include a refresh on network fundamentals and factors to streaming video including hands-on using a demo kit especially designed to experience networked visualization using existing Barco products. Students will engage in considerable hands-on activities in order to practice their learning, and gain the required skills to move on with confidence within the networked visualization world.

Descrizione dei corsi

This classroom training is designed to introduce networked visualization in a practical and fun way.Students will have the possibility to engage in hands-on activities in order to practice their skills.The course will be delivered using a pre-defined hardware setup including Barco networking products to maximize the learning experience.

Note: This course focusses on the technology and is NOT a training on individual Barco products and systems. Please consult the Barco University web site for access to dedicated product training packages.


Day 1

Introduction quiz
Networked visualization introduction and basic principle of its technology


Factors to streaming including:
Basics of digital video
Color space
Frame rate
Video versus graphics
Data rate calculation exercises
Compression with exercises
Latency with exercises

Day 2

Network fundamentals
Review network switch configuration
Network switch exercises


Traditional AV versus AV over IP
Networked visualization used cases
Networked visualization core benefits
Knowledge refresh quiz
Introduction of advanced course topics



Please bring your laptop along for exercises!

Pubblico di destinazione

This training is intended for anyone with an interest in understanding the benefits and challenges of networked visualization.Whether you have a technical or non-technical profile, you will be able to experience the full process from encoding to decoding using a mixture of usage scenarios supporting video, graphics and remote control.


At the end of the session the attendee will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of networked visualization
  • Understand the boundaries of networked visualization
  • Understand the main factors to streaming video (video versus graphics, resolution, compression, latency, bandwidth)
  • Understand the difference between hardware and software encoding/decoding
  • Describe current Barco markets and product portfolio already using networked visualization
  • Evangelize and promote network visualization towards internal and external contacts


2 Days



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This class does not result in a certification.

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