Barco Level 1 Certified – Installation, Maintenance and Service for Series 4 - SP4K

Certification for Barco Laser Series 4 projectors (SP4K)

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The participants will know how to install and calibrate the projector to reach the highest quality. In addition, they will be able to perform the maintenance, service actions and do troubleshooting. At least 50% of the training will de dedicated to hands-on.


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Service engineers, technical sales.


Course Overview

Day 1

  • Series 4 portfolio overview: highlights on a whole new technology platform.

  • Laser Light Source: How the light source works?

  • Light Processor: New 4K chips and new light processor serviceability.

  • Cooling system design for the Light Source and the Light Processor.

  • New lens holder design and functionality.

  • Barco Tool: Lens calculator, Calculator sheet (define the right projector for the right screen)…

Day 2

  • Web Communicator tool: new User interface for installation, calibration and troubleshooting.

  • New ICMP-X Hardware and features.

  • Projector installation: site survey, electrical connections, environment (exhaust…).

  • Projector installation: Hands on.

  • Electrical connections, mechanical alignment.

  • Calibration: Laser configuration, Focus, Convergence, Color Calibration, Color Verification, Presets creation.

Day 3:

  • Maintenance: new Smart maintenance design.

  • Highlights on electronics and block diagram.

  • Spare parts and serviceability of the main parts.

  • Firmware updates.

  • Second Hands-on session: the trainees work with limited support.

Day 4

  • Troubleshooting. Use of Web analyzer (logs analyzer).  

  • Test: theory (30 questions).

  • Test: practical part. Targets: align correctly a Series 4 (electrical connection, mechanical alignment, brightness, focus, Convergence, Colors, Presets creation…).


4 days



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Barco Level 1 Specialist - Installation, Maintenance and Service Series 4 Laser projectors - SP4K. Valid for 2 years from date of issuance.

Programma di formazione

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martedì 1 dicembre 2020 TR SP1 - Sao Paulo, Brazil 4 Iscriviti subito

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