Barco Certified Specialist - TransForm N (NA Only)

**ONLY FOR NORTH AMERICA** This certification course introduces students to the functionality of the TransForm N system, setup and configuration of main components, troubleshooting, and reporting issues to the Service team.

Descrizione dei corsi

  • This training is the first of a two-part certification training on TransForm N.
  • Consists of on-line lessons and instructor-lead instruction.
  • It is designed to teach students how to service and maintain all common TransForm N input, output and service nodes.
  • The Specialist Level course focuses on the hardware and their functionality mainly, in a way that a TransForm N Certified Specialist is able to assist in installing a full TransForm N Control Room and able to execute basic troubleshooting steps, and to service and maintain components.
  • Students will engage in considerable hands-on activities in order to practice their skills.
  • The course will be delivered based on the latest available version of TransForm N.


Agenda during Covid restrictions:

  • Phase 1:
    • Completion of Prerequisites
      • No less than 2 weeks prior to Phase 2 to allow for thorough understanding of the content
  • Phase 2:
    • Option 1:
      • Student utilizes lab (either company owned or rented from Barco) for training
      • 3 days of virtual training delivered by instructor
        • Can be used for 2 students at a time
        • Flat fee of $3500, includes all shipping and course fees
      • For available dates please contact Barco Training Manager (
    • Option 2:
      • Student travels to Barco for class (Unavailable at this time)
  • Phase 3:
    • Online exam will become available on the last day of the class and will be open for a period of ONE week


  • Successful completion of the online TransForm N: Getting Started course. You will be expected to know the topics covered in this course, take it as many times as needed.
  • Download and familiarize yourself with the Operator training for Transform ECU with CMS
  • Basic knowledge of LAN and TCP/IP
  • Basic knowledge of Windows Operating systems (7, 10)
  • Basic knowledge of video and computer graphics (resolutions, formats, protocols)

Pubblico di destinazione

  • This training is intended for Barco service engineers and external Service Partners who will service or assist in a TransForm N installation.

  • This training is NOT suitable for end-customers: As most projects are unique and combine multiple products and technologies, we recommend end-customers contact their Barco sales, service representative or project manager to request a customized training better suited to answer the specific needs for their project. This way the training can be optimized in length and in content to cover only the components that are installed at the end-customer’s site and that are of relevance, as well as focus on how the system is used, and also accommodate special areas of interest or need.


At the end of the session the attendee will be able to:

  • Use a TransForm N system
  • Assist Certified Experts with installation of a TransForm N system
  • Service and maintain a TransForm N system
  • Design basic perspectives and layouts including decorations
  • Backup and restore configuration
  • Understand where to find help
  • Collect relevant information prior to escalating a problem to Barco


Morning *

Afternoon *


Welcome and introduction

  • Introduction to the training room
  • E-learning refresh!
  • Hardware components

Display controllers

  • Linux-based (NGVS)
  • Windows-based (DSFS)
  • Transform ECU (&SCU introduction)
  • CMS display configuration exercises


Video encoders and sources

  • NGS-D200
  • NGS-D220
  • NGS-D320
  • 3rd-party network cameras
  • EMS (introduction only)
  • Proserver and VNC
  • Web sources
  • Sources configuration exercises

Usage and design

  • Design exercises
  • Sidebar usage and customization
  • Perspectives creation
  • Applying decorators
  • Local application management
  • Mini-display and layout creation
  • Shortcut keys
  • Remote control


Service and maintenance

  • Identifying and replacing hardware components
  • Replacing a CMS server (Windows and Linux)
  • Replacing an NDN-210 (Linux)
  • Replacing an EMS



  • Troubleshooting tools
  • Information collection
  • How to get help from Barco
  • Nice to know & resources
  • Summary overview
  • Q&A

Online Assignment


  • Assigned to student's MyBarco account. To be taken within 1 week



* The agenda is subject to local changes. The training offerings will define the time when the class starts.


4 days on-ground / 3 days remote


$2400 on-ground / $3500 remote

Lingua parlata



Barco Certified Specialist - TransForm N (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

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