Barco Certified Expert - OpSpace

This certification training course introduces technical personnel to the OpSpace product. It covers everything from using the product to installing and configuring it, as well as troubleshooting the system. Topics specifically include ‘What is OpSpace’, hardware specifications, installation options and procedures, troubleshooting steps.

Descrizione dei corsi


Day 1

  • What is OpSpace
  • Hardware specifics
  • Installation options
  • Installing the servers
  • Installing the desktop units
  • Configuring the installation

Day 2

  • How to install a redundant system and requirements
  • Configuring a redundant system from scratch
  • Configuring all the source types
  • Using the OpSpace UI and all its features
Day 3
  • Troubleshooting
  • Logs
  • Maintenance
  • Free hands-on/review time
  • Exam and review


  • A laptop to perform the installation from (preferably one that you can install software on)
  • Basic knowledge of networking, Linux and video encoding/decoding is a plus.

Pubblico di destinazione

Sales Engineers, Customer Support Engineer, Installation and Service Engineers.


Students will engage in considerable hands-on activities in order to practice their learning, and gain the required skills to successfully set up, install, configure and maintain an OpSpace system.


3 days



Lingua parlata



Barco Certified Expert - OpSpace (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

Programma di formazione

Data Sede Posti restanti
martedì 15 dicembre 2020 TR Berkeley University - Kortrijk, Belgium 6 Iscriviti subito
martedì 19 gennaio 2021 TR Berkeley University - Kortrijk, Belgium 5 Iscriviti subito

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