Barco Certified Expert - ODL Video Walls

This certification course introduces students about the setup of the ODL display walls.

Descrizione dei corsi

 Topics include:
- Overview of hardware components and used technology
- Laser Safety Considerations
- Complete configuration of the wall: cabling, video signal configuration, etc
- Complete alignment of the wall: geometry, color alignment, etc
- Troubleshooting and replacement scenarios

Students will engage in considerable hands-on and be responsible for the complete setup of a small video wall. Mechanical installation is not included.


Be able to work with Windows Operating systems like XP, Vista and Windows7
Have technical Background and affinity.
Previous experience with OL video walls is a plus.
Watch the OL and/or ODL video wall installation video
Watch the Glass screen installation video

Note: Students are requested to bring their own laptop.

Pubblico di destinazione

Barco CSEs and Partners who will be responsible for onsite installations and demos.


At the conclusion of the class students will be able to set-up a complete ODL wall from start to finish.


3 days in Europe, 2 days in the US



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Barco Certified Expert – ODL Video Walls (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

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